Adding a room to your home can be a sizeable investment and we always recommend that you should get three quotes and consider at least 10 things before making your final decision about which company you choose.

  1. Quality – THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS, inferior quality workmanship and quality materials cannot be replaced when the job is completed
  2. Integrity – Sales tricks to try and get your order, false discounts being offered to get you to sign there and then; need we say more……
  3. Respect for you and your home – You and your home are the most important part of the job and proper respect, consideration and care is the least you should expect
  4. Kept promises – Promises that stand up no matter what the circumstances, a man’s reputation can be gained by many years of hard work but can be easily destroyed by one simple failed promise
  5. Detailed quotes – be sure of what you are getting a quote for, it is very difficult to make comparisons if the works are not detailed and can lead to some very expensive add-ons for something you may have assumed was included
  6. Security – Is the company you ordering from part of the Governments TrustMark scheme or similar, assuring you that your project is in safe hands
  7. Realistic Guarantees – Is the guarantee realistic and reasonable, will the company be here to honour that guarantee if the unfortunate should happen. We remember the Lifetime Guarantee offered by a double glazing company that no longer exists
  8. Price Guarantee – Is the price quoted the price you pay, with no hidden extras
  9. Building Regulations and Planning – They are there for your protection, work with an organization that works closely with the authorities and ensure that all associated costs are included
  10. Contract – Always insist on a contract that itemizes all the works, read it carefully and if there is something not listed ask for an amendment. A reputable company will always be happy to issue a contract that satisfies your needs

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